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      Senior Pets


  October is our SilverPets health screening month...

       ....ask us about specials on our SilverPets Wellness Program.  

During the month of October, we are offering a savings of $90.00 on our package price for the SilverPets Wellness Program. Just mention our website to receive your special savings.

"A touch of gray around the muzzle, once clear eyes are now cloudy, the frisky gait is becoming stiff; these may be the first signs that your best friend is reaching his senior years. You may have noticed your pet sleeping more, having lapses in his housebreaking, or forgetting to greet you at the door. Many of us accept these as normal signs of aging, but they can be a sign of underlying illness in your companion. Fortunately, with the latest advances in veterinary medicine, we no longer need to accept these changes as beyond our control."

The Animal Hospital of Lynchburg would like to help you keep your pet in the best of health through their "Silver Years." Pets age 5-7 times faster than a person, which means health problems progress 5-7 times faster. Frequent monitoring for changes in health status can help to catch problems, and early intervention will keep your pet happy and comfortable.  The Animal Hospital of Lynchburg is proud to offer our SilverPets Wellness Program. This is a special program for pets 7 years and older to help with early detection of any health changes your pet may be experiencing.  

Our Silver Pets Wellness Program includes:


Physical exam-to check your pet's organ systems, body condition, and dental health. 


Complete blood cell count (CBC)-to assess type and number of the various blood cells in the blood and the status of your pet's immune system. 

Serum chemistry profile-to measure the function of the liver, kidney, and other internal organs.

Thyroid test-to screen for either a decrease or increase in the thyroid glands function.

Complete urinalysis-to look for underlying kidney disease and for health of the lower urinary tract including the bladder and in males the prostate gland.

Electrocardiogram (EKG)-to measure the electrical activity in your pet's heart. This allows us to detect heart rate irregularities and early heart disease.

Blood Pressure-to detect hypertension (high blood pressure) commonly seen with syndromes such as kidney disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and heart disease.


Once your pet's test results are available, the doctor will call and give you a full report and any recommendations for keeping your best friend as healthy as possible. Please let us know when we can schedule your pet's SilverPet Wellness Exam.