The Animal Hospital of Lynchburg

1705 Memorial Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24501


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The Animal Hospital of Lynchburg...

We have been a veterinary hospital taking care of pets since 1954 !!!

We are located at 1705 Memorial Avenue, about 1/4 mile north of E.C. Glass High School.

             ** We have an orange paw print on our sign outside**



Our renovated Reception area, warm and inviting for the clients

and all decorated for the holidays! 

The Blue Room.....One of two renovated examination rooms...

The Orange Room....

Our In-House Laboratory, allows us to draw blood, and in many instances, have results before the end of the day or sooner if a case is critical.

Our hospital has a wide variety of dental capabilities, with not only routine scaling and polishing, but also endodontic procedures such as root canals.  To help identify teeth with root pathology that may need extraction, and as a must for doing root canals, The Animal Hospital of Lynchburg is one of the few hospitals in central Virginia that has a digital dental X-ray unit at its disposal.

As well as Ultrasonography for visualizing internal organs and as an adjunct to organ biopsies and fluid analysis.

Our in-house diagnostics include digital Radiology for both soft tissue and orthopedic imaging....  *(on the screen a wild snake ate a plastic chicken egg, Dr. Rick did surgery to remove it, the patient had recovered well and was happy to be released) 

With few exceptions, we have all the prescription medications that your pet will need in our in-house pharmacy.  This is a time-saving convenience for most every situation, and allows us to prescribe medications tailored to your pets. We also have our own online pharmacy for things we don't carry or need to compound specifically for your pet. 

 Our Surgery complete with Isoflurane gas anesthesia and our cautery machine. The patients are maintained under anesthesia with warming pads to help maintain optimum body temperature, and are constantly monitored with Pulse-Oximetry units that measure the patients Pulse Rate, EKG, Blood Pressure, Oxygen Staturation and Respiration rate.