The Animal Hospital of Lynchburg

1705 Memorial Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24501



Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Rick Krason:

I am a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  I grew up in southern New Jersey, not far from the shore, but had relatives that lived in Madison County Virginia, where I fell in love with the area. My wife (Dr. Jean Krason) and I first met out of veterinary school during our first job in McLean, Virginia. After several years in northern Virginia, we began to move south... first to the Charlottesville area, then to Lynchburg.

My hobbies include all kinds of outdoor sports from surfing and wake boarding to mountain biking, hiking, camping and horseback riding!  I compete locally in the "Hunters" divisions and dabble a little in the "Jumpers" as well.  During the little spare time remaining, I love to work on my 1960 Corvette which is in a constant state of restoration.  I often take the top down and cruise around, or occasionally drag race the car.

I enjoy surgery, and have had years of experience with both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. I have a special interest in Oncology (cancer medicine) as well, which I find challenging, but rewarding when I can provide more time for the pet and the owner to be together.

My wife and I have two children that love animals and are always asking to "come to work" with us.  MacKenzie and Reilly Kate love horses and have both been riding for several years and are avid Hunter/Jumpers.  They may both have a future in veterinary (equine) medicine if they keep it up.

We have an awesome Australian Shepherd named Tracer, two cats named Storm and Snickers, a Welsh pony named Remington Steele, a Thoroughbred x Quarterhorse named Kevlar and a Welsh Cross named Piper ...we will keep you posted on any new developments.

Dr. Jean Krason:

I am a graduate of Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. I grew up in Northern New Jersey, but my family frequently vacationed in Virginia, particularly around the Smith Mountain Lake area.  I quickly fell in love with the mountains of Central Virginia. I met Dr. Rick at our first job together in McLean, Virginia, and won his heart as dog walking partners. 

During my free time, I am an avid competitor in canine obedience and canine agility with our dog Tracer (see the side bar about Dog Sport), and have obtained multiple titles with my old Australian Shepherds, Kaila and Torque. Since then  I have passed the baton on to my two girls, MacKenzie and Reilly Kate, as they had done competitions with them as well. In addition, I have taken up riding again after many years. I train and compete with our Appendix Quarter Horse, Kevlar, in dressage. 

When at work I particularly enjoy working up internal medicine cases. I have been honing my skills in ultrasonography and have been finding it to be a great diagnostic tool.  I also love dentistry, and am one of the few veterinarians in the surrounding area that has a dental radiography unit and the ability to do endodontic therapy.